Checking in...

Checking in...

Autumn is here. As you know, a beautiful time of year. A walk in the woods can clear the mind, as you take in the beautiful surroundings, as leaves turn a delicious shade of orange and red and make that crunchy noise under foot. Now is definitely the time to take a great photo, just as the sun rises and sets. Get home, maybe warm up with a tasty Stew. Take a photo of that, too. Post it on Instagram. Job done. 

I hope everyone and their families are doing as best as possible since the Plague reared it’s ugly head. Things change, we adapt. The only things you need to do, are love and appreciate the friends and family you have. It’ll all be ok so just roll with the punches and try to find the silver linings in the blackest of clouds. 

We’re working on some new things to keep it all fresh with some different products that’ll be a little more affordable. We’ve got some cool ideas, but as usual, we are keen to only offer things that we can be 100% proud of. It’s not been exactly a hot-bed of ideas, but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so personally, things are starting to look up.

Cathy’s been working from Home, which means the Dogs are having a great time seeing her around a LOT more. 

See, there’s a silver lining, right there. 

I’m working with old band mates with a view to recording original songs. There’s no gigging for a while, so it’s refreshing to be creative. No doubt we will be bickering and it’ll take a while. I reckon that it’s a year long project to make an album to be proud of. 

Keep on keeping on. 




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