Customer Reviews

A quick thank you to Minor Key Pottery. They produced the most wonderful Lyric Bowl for me as a Wedding present. Let’s just say it went down well as the Bride burst into tears as she read the lyrics to the First Dance. I cannot praise the quality enough, it was amazing. 

Kirk Green


Thank you for the Plate. We put it in the Bridal Suite with Champagne & Chocolates. They absolutely loved it. A very special gift they will treasure.

Carol Humphries


I was lucky enough to be gifted one of these beautiful and unusual Lyric Bowls. The lettering is perfect and flows so beautifully. An amazing gift and talent.

Elaine Harding


Wow. You’ve brought a tear to my eye. It stands as a beautiful memory of a beautiful day and a lifetime of sentiment. Thank you so much!



The Lyric Bowl arrived safely, yesterday and is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for pushing our order through.

Chris and Hannah.

Thanks for the beautiful Bowl. It’s just arrived, I’ve unpacked it and I love it!

Kate Bouchard.


These are amazing and unique works of art. I ordered one as a gift for my wife with the lyrics of the special song that we had played at our wedding. She was blown away by it and it has pride of place in our house.  

Max Barnes


Months ago, I found Minor Key Pottery in the UK etched song lyrics into Pottery, so I commissioned Gary to make a bowl with Buddy Holly’s beautiful ‘True Love Ways’. He did a wonderful job on it. He mailed it over from Britain and I kept it in one piece in my suitcase on the trip to NYC and then hid it in the Ship’s cabin as we sailed away. On Christmas morning I snuck out and took it to one of the QM2’s high-end Jewelers, where a very kind Clerk hid it in a Cabinet. When we dropped in later, Nance thought I’d only given her a Christmas card, that’s when I asked the Clerk if he had anything else besides Jewelry, something like, say Pottery? He said “Oh we have just one item, it’s the only piece of Pottery we have.” He brought it out, handed it to Nance, she began reading it and the waterworks began. She deserved all that and more. I’ve attached a picture for you. She was in tears. Loved it. So do I.

Gary McKechnie