“How can I order a Lyric Bowl?”

Each Lyric Bowl is Custom made to order, with your favourite song or poem or words. Click the link on the Homepage to send an email to discuss your order.

"Are the Bowls avaliable to purchase on your site pre-made?"

All of the stock shown on our site are previous commissions of those songs, unless stated otherwise. If you purchase a Bowl through our store it will be reproduced."

”How long will it take to make me a Bowl”

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks. However, if you require your bowl urgently, we can occasionally fast track your order. *fast tracked orders include a fee*

“How big are the Bowls?”

Approximately 11 inches in Diameter covers most regular song requirements. 

“I just need a small Bowl”

No problem. A Nine inch Bowl is an alternative size. If the content will easily fit, go for that

“What colours do you do?” 

Cream Gloss or Matte Black are currently the ones we are producing but will be looking into the possibility of others during 2020. 

“Do you ship outside the UK?”

Yes. Shipping usually takes 4-5 working days from postage. Each Bowl is double boxed and VERY well packaged.

“Can I add a name or date to the Lyric Bowl?”

Absolutely! It’s free but we recommend that it goes underneath the Bowl, on the Foot, as not to artistically distract from the lyric content. 

“Can I order a REALLY BIG Lyric Bowl?”

Sure, you can. Only in Matte Black. A Twenty inch Bowl is the size we’d go for. It’s expensive but it’s an incredible piece to show off with. 

“Could I get a Flat Plate

Sure, no problem. 

“Can I eat Spaghetti from my Bowl?”

Badda-bing, you gotta be crazy, man.